Check out our most recent Job Duck blog entries here. You can find all of our categories until you determine what you need. At Job Duck, we pursue a life of health, balance, and freedom. We think everyone deserves this type of life. For this reason, we share with you in this blog all we have tried and tested to enable us to achieve a work-life balance, which is what we offer, the opportunity to get a work-life balance.

Although working from home is somewhat typical nowadays, there are several misconceptions and common mistakes we make. Some people tend to overwork, some people find it hard to manage distractions, and we want to help you feel productive, satisfied, and successful.

Confidence At Work

How To Gain More Confidence At Work

The idea of ​​running a project makes your stomach drop. You fear having to speak in front of your colleagues. And you regularly question yourself when it comes to the quality of your work. If any of these scenarios sound

Working from home

How To Start Your Mornings When You Work From Home

Establishing a routine, especially in the morning, is the key to success when working from home. Routines not only help reduce mental fatigue, they also help you be happier and more productive. Furthermore, it applies to everyone, and it is

Remote job

Consider These Tips in Your Next Job Interview

Although interviews by Job Duck are by video call, there are mistakes you should avoid making in order to be successful and move on to the next phase in the recruiting process. Actually, these tips are also useful for face-to-face


5 Common Mistakes in Your Resume and How To Correct Them

Your resume serves to present your experience, skills and achievements to a company. It may be the reason you get hired or overlooked. If you want to know how to improve your chances of getting an interview and, therefore, a

Job at home

Stuck In The Wrong Job?

Are you sick of living the same day over and over again? If the answer is “Yes!” you might be stuck in the wrong job. The only way you can escape this endless cycle is to change your attitude and

Working from home

How To Deal With Distractions When Working From Home

The benefits of working from home benefits both the employee and the employer. Advances in technology and communication have also played an important role in the ease of working from home. However, there is a significant downside to working from

Working from home

Top 3 Benefits of Working From Home

Every day, more and more companies let their employees work from home, but why? The answer is simple. It provides benefits for both the employee and the company itself. Also, although it seemed impossible before, now it is very easy

Job Hunting

10 Tips On Job Hunting

If you had to give advice to a friend who is looking for a job, what would it be? 1. Carefully read the job description. Check if you have the experience and knowledge to do the job. Also, make sure

Working from home

6 Tips For Those Who Work From Home

So you’re working remotely, now what? How can you stay productive, creative, inspired, and meet all the expectations that have been set within this new lifestyle? Well, you have landed on the right blog! Continue reading these 6 Tips For

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