Talent Sourcing Specialist

Starting pay at $900 US-Dollars

Job Duck is a virtual staffing company that matches candidates to work from home for a single U.S.-based business, usually a law firm.

The Talent Sourcer is responsible for actively searching for potential candidates using various sourcing techniques, including social media platforms and job sites. They interact with candidates, and recruiters; craft recruiting emails, perform initial phone screening, and coordinate with hiring managers to understand the position requirements.

The Talent Sourcer is an integral part of our team, contributing to the strategic growth of our organization. The commitment to identify, engage, and secure top-tier candidates will greatly influence the Recruiting Team’s success in building a skilled and diverse workforce.

Employees are granted holidays as per the U.S. holiday calendar, as well as paid annual vacation time (10 days of paid vacation in the 1st year — 5 days after trial and 5 days after six months).


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Thank you for considering Job Duck as a potential employer. 

Unfortunately, we are not currently hiring from South Africa.

We encourage you to check back with us in the future for any potential opportunities.